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Aura & Body Language

What you are on the inside is going to reflect on the outside. No matter how impeccable your manners if you don’t mind your body language you will give yourself away every time. This course is to learn how to communicate our intent, our personality and our confidence through carefully training our body to reflect what we say. We also explore the traits that give us an aura of authority, calm and poise.

Communicating like a Pro

The way we communicate verbally and nonverbally is a key element that defines our personality. It single handedly assures success in our personal, social and professional lives. So make everyone of your words or silence count.

This training is all about learning the art of not just talking but using silence to your advantage too! When to talk, what to say and how to put your point across forms the backbone of this training.

Confidence is in the Head

Lack of confidence is almost always a mind block. To own yourself with pride and confidence you need to work on removing those mental obstacles. In this training we concentrate on ensuring that you are always able to handle everything that comes your way not just with confidence but with poise and charm.

Fear Management Training

We all have our very own set of fears. Sometimes the fears can be small and we ignore them to focus on the larger issues of our lives. But sometimes our fears can cripple us and affect our judgment in critical times. In this training we identify the fears holding us back from our true potential and allowing ourselves to grow out of them. With customized tools targeted to help release a lifetime of our personal opinions about ourselves we move on to live happier and freer lives.

Stress Management Training

This training is to analyze Lifestyle, Social and Professional Commitments and related issues to identify, evaluate and manage your stress triggers.

It also trains you not just to manage your current challenges but to form a lifelong habit to give yourself the downtime you require without compromising on living the way you want. After all when life is happening stress will be there somewhere too. It’s just a matter of handling it right!

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