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Aftermath of a Tragedy

Sometime unfortunate accidents, incidents and the passing away of a beloved can leave us with deep mental and emotional scars.

Moving on with a broken heart especially when attached to a tragedy isn’t enough and sometimes you need the understanding and advice coming from a nonjudgmental yet involved source.

This program is a comprehensive grief management module to help you move on.

Life Therapy & Advice

Most of the times our crisis situations are handled best when we are able to shift our perspective around them. But to arrive at a paradigm shift we need to develop a new perspective. In this intervention get assistance and advice to manage your pressing issues both personal and professional.

Because having a nonjudgmental ear that can help you identify key elements to assist you in the future forms a great part of this Intervention.

Relationship Intervention

Relationships are hard work. They require effort and attention. Sometimes despite your best efforts things go awry but relationships can be and should be salvaged because they are the essence of our humanity if you are having trouble with your significant other, Your Sibling, Business partner, Child or even your Parents, Seek our relationship program for working through the issues and ensuring long term communication and goodwill.

Spiritual Development Training

Are you looking to find the true meaning of your life? Where we are not a spiritual guru but we do understand the signs that lead you towards a path of inward journey. Finding the right person to help you while you awaken and decipher and embody a modicum of balance between your quest and the material world is what this intervention is all about.

Dolce Far Niente

While we are all living life in the fast lane rushing from one milestone to the other, we forget the pleasures of living in the present moment. Learn to slow down and enjoy the simple yet most fulfilling pleasures of life!

In this training, we learn to enjoy what we have achieved and look forward to the pleasure of the process of achieving what we are setting out to do!

Joie De Vivre

  • The art of joy.
  • The art of living.
  • The art of happiness.
  • Need we say any more?

Come join us in this intervention to revive that spark of bliss inside you and figure out what habits and stresses in your life are blocking you from perfect happiness.

Crisis Management Training

Are you in a crisis situation where you don’t know what to do and are concerned because you are finding it impossible to confide your issue with anyone you can trust?

This intervention focuses on providing discretion, support, advice and closure.

Feminism: The Pitfalls

This training is for both genders and strips feminism from its root to the toxic shape of entitlement it has taken today. Giving you a chance both as a man and as woman to become more empowered with the understanding of what gender equality actually means and how if misunderstood can have adverse effects on your life. If you are a young adult then this training should be your starting point.

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